Welcome to Davaï!JPL

We develop for your own account early stages R&D projects with high technological, human and environmental values.

What motivate us ?

Technology driven

At Davaï!JPL, technology is part of our DNA. We enjy computers, robots, modeling and new business models; We see in technology a way to make the forthcoming world better for us and future generation. This is a strong engine for us. Even if our action look small, we do “our share”. Davaï!JPL is one of theses parts, humble yet committed.

Holding and management

No projet can live without a working economical engine (or it’s a time­-limited charity, which is a different way to invest time and money). At Davaï!JPL, we aims to give our projects long-term perspectives and time to breathe, grow and emancipate

Projects for people , Art & Planet

At Apple Computer Inc, where he worked in the early ’80s, the founder of Davaï!JPL discovered how the relation between technologies and humain beings is a beautiful and complex interface. Making technology a servant of peoples, arts and our planet is an essential fuel for all our projects…

Currently active projects


This program aims to extract hydrogen from biomass and wastes.


We work on a soft robot specially handy for ultra-confined rigid spaces. This multi-patented technology provides a solution for missions that are currently hardly doable with drones or crawlers. 


In the current fight against Climate Change, we want to do our part. The COLIBRI project is designed to confine hyper-polluting industrial gases by sealing micro-leaks.


This project proposes to bring the Open Source culture to the service of self-construction, to help people in building ecological, sober and resilient housing.


The metronome for dancers! The objective of the kbcoo application is to offer beginners in dancing an way to exercises and quickly improve their control of rhythm and train their lift muscles.

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