The metronome for dancers ! The objective of the kbcoo application is to offer dancers who are beginners exercises to quickly improve their control of rhythm and the work of the lift muscles.

Using beat detection algorithms and special filters, the kbcoo application is able to superimpose sound indications to show the place of strong and weak beats based on the reality of the music recorded at the time. The recording techniques of the first half of the 20th century, but also the nature of the instruments, such as double basses with strings made of cat gut, do not allow for an “electronic” division of time, hence this R&D project for pulses set to the music as it was recorded and not as it should have been played.

This project, which was the subject of an outstanding scientific communication at the International Conference on Computational Music (Mexico 2017), is currently hampered by legal considerations on music copyrights and related rights.

Note : In Argentine Tango culture, the cabeceo (head nod) is the way partners invite each other to dance.




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